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Pizza Delivery

15 Sep 2016 . category: projects

My uncle runs a couple of pizza delivery stores in the Greenville, SC area. His web host and site template provider functionally disappeared in June 2016. I was able to recover most of his site content from the wayback machine, but with the editing software gone in the wind, he was unable to make updates. This was as good a catalyst as any to have his site re-built from the ground up.

While I’ve built basic websites previously, I had never taken a project where I needed to hand over full control to a less technical person at the end of development. I brushed up on WordPress and spent some time learning about his business before building out his new site. Ultimately we ended up with something I’m proud of and something that my uncle can update himself except in extreme cases, so I’m quite happy.

Oh, and the pizza is good too! If you’re in the area, grab some grub from Wedgy’s Pizza Delivery.

Wedgy's Pizza Delivery


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