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Bikes on the Freeway!

29 May 2017 . category: life
#events #life #bicycles

This weekend I rode in the Emerald Bike Ride hosted by Cascade Bicycle Club. This was the ride’s second year, and it was an amazing route that won’t ever be exactly duplicated. Though it didn’t sell out (as the inaugural ride did), the freeways (we rode on closed portions of I-5, WA-520, and I-90) were still jammed with bikes, including riders of all ages and a good number of unicycles on the 25 mile loop. I take every chance I get to ride or run on shutdown freeways. Experiencing the massive infrastructure while not inside a car gives great perspective for how much space freeways use. Big thanks to Cascade for continuing to organize this ride and to WSDOT and the cities for allowing it to happen.

Additionally, I’ve been looking for a good chance to try my hand at producing some video as a side project, and this turned out to be a great opportunity. I learned a lot of new tools, spent a lot of time fighting myself (and my editing software), and ultimately ended up with something I’m pretty happy with given it’s my first try. I hope you enjoy.


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